Boston Bollard

LUMINAIRE: Shall consist of a 5″ dia. heavy wall,. corrosion resistant, cast aluminum shaft and base with removable access door and dome top.

LED SYSTEM: The Philips Fortimo LED SLM system produces a quality bright and vivid light, its color rendering index is over 80 CRI. This system has been designed to operate between -20° and 65° at Tcase.

DRIVER: The Philips XITANIUM LED electronic driver (120-277V), is specially designed to operate the Fortimo LED SLM module. It comes with a dimming function called amplitude (AM) dimming protocol, and also reduces the current through the LEDs to achieve lower light levels.

BASE: Cast aluminum with (4) 1⁄2″ x 12″ galvanized anchor bolts with double nuts and double washers on a 8″ bolt circle.

ELECTRICAL: All components are UL recognized. Luminaire is shipped complete and ready to install. Bollard is designed for operation in wet locations.

All exposed hardware shall be stainless steel.